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Call for Photos to Commemorate Hutterite-Manitoba Centennial

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Zwei Hutterer in Deutschland, Mennoblatt 1984 copy

Zwei Hutterer in Deutschland. [Mennoblatt 1984]

2018 marks the centennial anniversary of permanent Hutterite settlement in Manitoba.

To commemorate and reflect on this anniversary, the Hutterian Brethren Book Centre is embarking on a centennial publication project that will showcase, in broad terms, the Hutterite experience in Manitoba. To that end, we solicit your photos or suggestions of photos thought to be essential.

By means of example, themes such as settlement, architecture, engagement with mainstream society, acculturation, innovation, key events, people, and influencers will be explored. Images that reflect the evolution of practice in areas such as dress, community events, and livelihood are also welcome. Please keep in mind that these are general guidelines, not limitations.

It is anticipated that a particular challenge for this project will be finding images that pre-date the 1980s, a time when the prohibition of cameras and photos in Hutterite communities was more strictly reinforced. Such photos are therefore at a premium.

Images may be submitted for consideration, in the highest resolution possible, to, in hard-copy by Glegnheit, or post: Kenny Wollmann, Hutterian Brethren Book Centre, Box 40, MacGregor, MB, R0H0R0. Arrangements will be made on a per-case basis regarding the scanning and return of originals in a manner that is acceptable to both parties.

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