Ask a Hutterite

The blog of a real, live Hutterite.


Thank you for visiting my blog. “Ask a Hutterite” is where I respond to questions about my people, the Hutterites.

Sometimes it will be questions that I ask myself, but I certainly hope that you will have a question or two as well. If you have basic questions about who we are or how we live, check out If you have a ‘why’ question, I would love to hear from you.

The impetus that inspired this blog is an interview with a National Post reporter on Hutterites and technology. While wrestling with her questions I realized how much I enjoy responding to even seemingly simple questions about my people. It reminded me of a wonderful dialog I had in 2010 with my friend Matthew Knight as he prepared his master’s thesis on Hutterite choral music—I dare say we must have exchanged at least 50 emails in addition to two face-to-face interviews.

This pleasant element is not all that motivates me however. The recent deluge of media coverage of my people often frustrates me; if there isn’t blatant misinformation, it’s non-Hutterites speaking on behalf of Hutterites. I realize I can’t ‘fix’ these things, and I certainly can’t issue a gag order, so a blog will have to do!

Again, thank you for visiting my blog, and please, “ask a Hutterite!” You can reach me at Ask a Hutterite.

Kenny Wollmann