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Question: Most common misconception


Question: What, in your experience, is the most common misconception about Hutterites?

Response: There are many, many misconceptions about Hutterites, so for simplicity sake, I’m going to keep this personal.

The most common misconception or stereotype that I encounter are non-Hutterites who are amazed to encounter attractive–opps, I mean articulate Hutterites. Through out my teenage years and beyond I have been surrounded by both men and women, older and my age, who are very capable of expressing their thoughts and faith in more than one language, so this notion has puzzled me. I have since come to realize that not all Hutterites have the benefit and advantage of a good solid education to help them with expressing themselves. Though high-level critical thinking may not be the norm, it is certainly not absent. Nor is everybody a word geek like I am.

Thank you, Matt K. for the question.

10 thoughts on “Question: Most common misconception

  1. A very prolific misconception is that Hutterites are all fabulously wealthy lol. Perhaps because of all the fancy vehicles.

  2. The most common misconception I have experienced among Hutterites is the idea that there is one single Hutterite church.
    Among non-Hutterites, it’s the idea that we are locked up.

  3. The most common misconception is that are many things a hutterite is not allowed, from the internet, to phones, ipods, and handling money; the list goes on and on. Hutterites in that sense are like everyone else with the exception that hutterites understand better than the general population that “all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial”. There is a wealth of wisdom in abstaining from something…a big difference from not being allowed.
    Al D.

  4. Thanks for commenting people…why don’t we keep this going: What is the most common misconception YOU have encountered in your walk through life as a Hutterite.

  5. Agree with all of the above. One I’ve encountered quite often is people who feel the need to apologize to me for swearing. Apparently I’m the ‘good guy’ in the room.

  6. Good morning Kenny! Nice photo! I’m not a “blogger,” but I couldn’t resist at least sending an acknowledgement that I’d noticed your e-mail! God bless!

  7. Kenny…loved reading your blog…very well written and great points. Keep it up!

  8. Thanks for your answer(s).

  9. Which of the three (or perhaps more) “loit” groups is the TV group? Schmeid, Lehrer, or ?????

    Richard Lee Dawley
    Amish Insight
    New Berlin, Wisconsin

  10. I am not Hutterite (although I have visited 9 colonies in Canada and US) nor Amish (although I’ve written about them over my 20 years) but the TV National Geographic program series seems un-Hutterite. Are they a break-away group?
    Richard Dawley
    Amish Insight

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