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Interview: Sunday@CMU

Founder's Hall in Autumn.

Founder’s Hall in Autumn.

From September to December 2014 I lived in residence at the Canadian Mennonite University while I worked through an intensive course of study primarily in the area of biblical and theological studies. Towards the end of my stay I was interviewed by Aaron Epp for Sunday@CMU, a short program aired on Golden West Radio stations throughout southern Manitoba.  The episodes aired on February the 15th and 22nd. Continue reading


Interview: Hutterites and Technology

Jen Gerson from the National Post recently interviewed me about Hutterites and our relationship with technology. Her article focused on photography in particular. Ms. Gerson appreciated my response, indicating that she thought it was thoughtful enough to include with the online edition.The experience was a positive one for me because my thoughts were presented in their proper context, in contrast to several other times I have been interviewed. In discussing and editing the text with other people, I realized how much I enjoyed thinking and writing about the ‘Hutterite condition.’ Coupled with my disappointment with the media at large for relying on non-Hutterites for a Hutterite perspective, I decided to take the plunge and launch “Ask a Hutterite.”
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