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Coping with Comfort and Convenience: Living Courageously as Hutterites in the 21st Century

gewagt-muendig-leben-Themenjahr-2020-einseitig cHutterites of the 21st-century live in an era of unprecedented prosperity. Never have we experienced such an extended period of peace and plenty as in the last century on the Great Plains of North America. The political and religious persecution of Moravia, Ukraine, and the early years in North America are but a distant, vague memory in the collective Hutterite psyche. That is not to say that these memories are not important or have no influence at all. It is to say, however, that with this significant shift come different challenges that must be confronted if we are to remain faithful to the Gospel of Jesus and our foreparents’ legacy. Continue reading


Hans Decker: Orthodoxy won’t get you into heaven

Prediger Hans Decker was not your ordinary Hutterite minister. The text below is a prime example of his visionary thinking—thinking that occasionally got him in trouble with the status quo thinkers of his day. This document was first published in August of 1985. The German was modernized by Lothar Korff, and the English translation is my own. Continue reading